Nieuws ― On behaviour and revenue

Gepubliceerd op 2.03.20 ― door Valérie Bourdeau

Conducting several interviews of recent recruits in an onboarding experience design project, I found that the struggles and needs in their first months in their new position are like this: “After a period of sheer bliss, I now feel overwhelmed. I need guidance and I want feedback on how I’m doing.” But also: ‘I’m ready to prove my worth. I want to deliver something significant. I want to be accountable.”

Contradicting requirements? Not necessarily! Here’s a tool that I love very much: work principles.

“Be right, a lot.” “Never assume.” “Try and learn.” These principles represent values like curiosity, thoroughness or factuality. By jotting down what your company stands for, you are laying the foundation for even the tiniest decision. What behaviour is encouraged at your company? Is the micro-manager who cannot share her knowledge still there? Does the worker who tried something new and meanwhile messed up the workshop still feel valued? Consistently using and referring to your work principles as a guideline makes the expected behaviour clear to everybody. Very importantly, good principles evoke actions that support these values. No further guidance needed. Are your principles invigorating and easy to share? If so, your customers feel it. They benefit from improved service, better performing products, better aligned proposals, all delivered with passion. They happily pay for this. Their ambassadorship pays off too. Whatever their journey, they experience commitment and intention. You experience revenue. Let’s design your business experience with intent.